Market research

Prepare for entering new markets

Market entry strategy is an essential when introducing to new markets. Our market reports will provide you all necessary information to set up market entry strategy and draft an implementation plan. We have experience in delivering two types of market studies:

  • Market analysis reports,
  • Market research reports.

Market analysis

Market analysis report is done for specific company and specific type of offering or even product. The aim of this report is to prepare the strategy to enter the market with specific offering. It focuses on selected product offering and selected market (e.g. education). Report includes the following information:

  • Basic market information, market characteristic, main relevant local trends, estimation of market total size, size of accessible market (if different),
  • Competitive landscape: similar products and services available on local market,
  • Selected products price information (if available) and other information relevant for building local pricing strategy,
  • Other relevant information interesting from perspective of entering Polish market with your product, including relevant local links, market information portals, procurement portals, local events, support and networking organizations.

Market research

Market research reports are usually focused on specific aspects of Polish or/and Finnish markets. Market research contain general market characteristics and the report can be utilized by many companies and organizations working on Polish and/or Finnish markers. Market research reports are typically prepared in frame of collaboration projects with Polish and Finnish school of economics. One example of such collaboration is presented below project with leading Polish economic school – SGH.