Partner search and acquisition

Partner search & acquisition- we help you to find your match

Hivemind has vast experience in finding local partners on Polish and Finnish markets. During last years we have delivered over 100 partner search projects. Partner search and acquisition projects are executed in two stages:

  • stage 1: partner list,
  • stage 2: partner acquisition.

Due to its affordable design the service is well available for no-budget customers, such as start-ups or individuals setting up own business. We can provide you essentials for start and you can execute rest of the project with your own efforts. The same time we can also provide end-to-end service option for customers who prefer us to take overall responsibility for project execution.

Partner search list

The list includes partner candidates identified on target markets, based on profile information as provided by you. The list includes: company name, page (address, language), relevant contact details, and description how this company or its offering is relevant for your case. Based on such a list, you should be able to contact selected partners local partner search. List price depends on profile parameters and list size. We usually suggest starting from minimum version and extending it later if needed. We comply with GDPR laws.

Free service for all our customers

Starting 2018, we have introduced NEW FREE SERVICE TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS looking for partners or clients in Poland or Finland. We create short advertisement based on  partner specification provided by you. With this, we create a campaign and we advertise it in target country using our channels: newsletter, email and social networks- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, we  present selected cases at the events we participate and/or organize. Every announcement of this kind is anonymous. We handle (without charges to anybody) all the requests first, before forwarding them back to our customers. This way we can guarantee the feedback you get is controlled and of high quality. Response rate for placed announcements on the level of approx 50% and in average every second announcement received some local response during 1-2 months from the placement.

All currently active announcements can be found under OPEN OPPORTUNITIES in upper right corner of the page. Feel free to browse!

Partner acquisition

Partner acquisition service is an assistance service where we contact selected candidates in local language, assist or represent you  in negotiations with partners, provide and send out material translations, and other service as agreed. We do not charge for time spent on internal project meetings!