Local marketing and promotion

Hivemind as your local marketing force

When you are entering foreign markets an effective promotion is a key. We help you to set up basic marketing to promote your company and products locally, in local language, the language spoken by your future customers. Next, we help you to translate local market customer interest into a lead you can follow up with your sales force.

We work with both Finnish and Polish customers providing multi-channel marketing and local communication services in three languages: Polish, Finnish and English (occasionally also Swedish). We have experience in working with digital marketing and advertising campaigns across different channels. Additionally, especially for B2C domain projects, we recommend local resources relevant for marketing and promotion of the product or service, such as user’s forum or sector relevant portal, to complement digital marketing efforts and improve efficiency of translating customer interest into sales leads.

Our portfolio include the following services:

  • marketing material translation,
  • digital marketing and advertisement campaigns in SOME channels, including setup and results evaluations,
  • organizing local advertising, including press, digital signage and other media,
  • digital evangelist service.