Innovation voucher

Innovation grant for Finnish SMEs


what is it?

The Innovation Voucher is granted by Business Finland. The Innovation Voucher is intended for Finnish micro enterprises and SMEs with a brand new product or service idea that has international market potential. With the Innovation Voucher you can buy new expertise to your company with up to EUR 5000 (+ VAT). Business Finland will pay most of your service provider’s invoice: EUR 4000 (+ VAT). Your self-financing share is only EUR 1000 (+ VAT).


how does it work?

The Innovation Voucher was launched to encourage and promote the business development and international growth of Finnish enterprises. The Innovation Voucher is the first grant in a series of Business Finland funding opportunities, for companies improving their capabilities with innovations. Thus, the Innovation Voucher is suitable also for startups. After the Innovation Voucher, Business Finland may grant your R&D project e.g. the Tempo funding and the Explorer funding.

Pay our innovation consulting with Innovation Voucher

The Innovation Voucher allows us to start your innovation process together! We work with companies in all fields or industries. Our expertise will turn your idea into a unique, meaningful and marketable innovation. You will respond to market trends and competitors’ moves. Also, your innovation will become eligible for more innovation funding and innovation grants, after the Innovation Voucher.

In all, the Innovation Voucher is a cost-effective opportunity to gain access to the expertise needed in developing new products or services. Our Aleksandra has over 15 years’ experience in advising Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises. Aleksandra’s expertise covers both public innovation funding from Finland and EU grants. In addition, we are specialized in internationalization services and the Baltic Sea region and market area.

Our Innovation Voucher package

Our Innovation Voucher package may be obtained with the EUR 5000 + VAT 0% budget of the grant. This package usually consists of two workshops and innovation consulting in between the two workshop days. You will need about one month of time available, for the whole Innovation Voucher package. Our Innovation Voucher package programme generally includes:

  • Introductory meeting (which includes discussing your goals, scoping the project and helping with your Innovation Voucher application)
  • First workshop which is a session of 4,5 hours (held at our office in Turku or online)
  • Innovation consulting
  • Second workshop which is a session of 4,5 hours (in Turku or online)

The topics of the workshops and the innovation consulting sessions are tailored to your company’s needs. We are happy to discuss your project plans, to find suitable services for you! All of our services are provided in English. Please see examples of our workshops here!

Innovation Voucher grant application

Our Innovation Voucher package includes our help with the Innovation Voucher application. Our help ensures the Innovation Voucher application describes your goals and needs in the necessary detail. Business Finland generally grants the Innovation Voucher even within a week. In all, we offer e.g. the following help with your Innovation Voucher application:

  • Explaining what is important for a successful application
  • Developing your idea together, to fill the requirements for an Innovation Voucher
  • Considering your path or innovation process also after the Innovation Voucher, to ensure your innovation will be eligible for more innovation funding and innovation grants