December 4, 2018


Posted 10.06.19 by Hivemind Team

Are you Finnish healthtech with know-how in therapies, diagnostics and epidemiology prevention?
Can you improve diagnostics of cancer or cardiovascular diseases? Do you develop image diagnostics, patient monitoring, infection prevention solutions or other improvements shortening hospitalization time or making healthcare more efficient?

Polish market is waiting for you and there is a funding available for exploring it!

Join us next Tuesday 18.6.2019 at 12:00 at Health Talks event. We will speak about Polish healthcare investments and opportunities and tell more about our Group Explorer project

Register at:…
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Posted 06.06.19 by Hivemind Team

We are hosting today Polish delegation from Pomerania region visiting Turku to discuss marine sector opportunities in Poland and collaboration topics. Workshop session opening by Polish honorary consul Jari Rastas and excellent presentations by @aivaninnovations #NaviGate @yardmate @brighthouse.intelligence ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 06.06.19 by Hivemind Team

Interested in providing cost-saving solutions for marine customers? Can you optimize fuel costs or minimize maintenance time? Can you solve other challenges? This morning we have heard from superintendent Ari from Tallink Silja what are the most challenging issues on large ship operations. Join YardMate to learn more and check our new procurement system for new requests for offers ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 29.05.19 by Hivemind Team

Interested in marine sector opportunities?
Last week, together with YardMate, we have visited Elblag Poland to discuss coming opportunities and meet new potential members on Polish side. Next week during our next YardMate consortium meeting we will tell more about this event outcomes and tell few words about next steps.
Join us in @yardmate and learn more on how we can build ecosystem offering for biggest projects in Finland and Poland!
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Posted 23.05.19 by Hivemind Team

Our panel discussion on ecosystems today in Open to Scandinavia event in Elblag Poland ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 17.05.19 by Hivemind Team

Today press and our interview came! Read about Hivemind, our daily entrepreneurship struggles.. and opportunities for Finnish companies in Poland
#goodpress #fridayfame
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Posted 14.05.19 by Hivemind Team

Our pitching today at Turun Yrittäjät ry. event in newly reopened Solo Sokos Hotel Turun Seurahuone.
If you are looking for meeting or project accommodation in inspirational space with good food- we are happy to announce we have special discounts available for Hivemind customers
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Posted 13.05.19 by Hivemind Team

Our customer Aboprint received a grant to explore new innovative product in cooperation with Poland so today we are in beautiful Parainen to plan next steps..and next project!

Our unique Polish Finnish expertise helps companies to find the best market opportunities but it is our #projectfunding experience that provide you a way to finance it and make it happen

#mondayinspiration #parainen #projectfunding #marketresearch #partnersearch
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Posted 08.05.19 by Hivemind Team

Et ole koskaan hakenut julkista rahoitusta, mutta kehität uusia tuotteita ja / tai olet kiinnostunut uusista markkinoista?
Kiinnostaako Puola? 🇵🇱🇫🇮

Jos kuvaus sopii yritykseesi, voit olla kiinnostunut siitä, että me olemme rekisteröity Business Finlandin Innovaatiosetelin palvelutarjoaja #innovaatioseteli
Miten se toimii?
1. Jätät innovaatioseteli-hakemuksen (me autamme).
2. Tuotamme konsultaatiopalvelua 5.000€ +VAT arvosta, esim. #markinatutkimus #palvelusuunnitelu #kasvustrategiaa
3. Kun työ on tehty, me laskutamme suoraan Business Finlandia.
Haluatko tietää lisää? Lähetä sähköpostia tai soita +358 400503966
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Posted 26.04.19 by Hivemind Team

Another day at the office. Not!

We have visited today Fortido Oy -Finnish company with strong Polish background and one of the fastest growing companies in Finland #kauppalehtimenestyjät #514place #127percentgrowth
We help Fortido with #marketresearch #newtechnology and #innovationassesment to get it to the next level!
Go Fortido!
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Posted 25.04.19 by Hivemind Team

Finland is not only Helsinki! Take a look at the newest initiative of Turun kaupunki - Åbo stad - City of Turku- Hivemind's hometown

Talent Call Turku is looking for professionals worldwide in cleantech, creative, health, maritime and tech fields.
Five candidates win a free family trip to the picturesque Turku region by the Finnish archipelago in mid-August.
In the week-long, all-expenses-paid trip, visitors get to test what it would be like to live and work in one of the
smartest urban regions in the world. More at:

#marine #healthtech #cleantech #experience
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Posted 18.04.19 by Hivemind Team

Best Easter wishes from Hivemind Team. We are back to office after Easter break so next Tuesday
#easter #outofoffice
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Posted 18.04.19 by Hivemind Team

Finnish Embassy is looking for new team members. Apply! ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 17.04.19 by Hivemind Team

Today was bit different day at the office. Aleksandra Karimaa gave short interview session to local newspaper. Interesting discussions on Hivemind mission, Polish-Finnish cooperation, and..about risk taking in entrepreneur life. More news soon! ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 08.04.19 by Hivemind Team

Interested in international growth? Looking for funding? @businessfinland is announcing new funding instruments #groupexplorer and #talentexplorer. Stay tuned!

HIVEMIND is a registered Business Finland Internationalization Expert, which means we can support your #explorer funded project.
We specialize in Polish-Finnish projects and can support you with #marketresearch #strategicanalysis (market entry, international growth, export) and #partnersearch services.

We are currently looking for companies interested to work under #groupexplorer instruments to enter the following Polish markets: healthcare, energy, smart building/smart construction and well as selected ICT sectors. Keywords #fintech #healtech #cleantech #smartcity #bim.

Want to hear more? Contact us at

Please share!
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Posted 07.04.19 by Hivemind Team

Short report from our visit to the Spring Fair #Kevätmessut. This expo is an excellent sales opportunity for Polish companies specializing in e.g. modular small summer houses and mini-homes, wooden constructions (sauna,sheds, storage units), fireplaces and stoves (thanks Polish Northstar for a meeting), outside kitchen and grill products. If you enter Finnish market remember that modularity and easy installation is a big trend! Want to hear more about SpringFair exhibiting and Finnish market opportunities? Contact us at ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 04.04.19 by Hivemind Team

Thank you Business Finland Poland and whole event team for organizing today's seminar on business opportunities in Poland and big thanks for most informative presentation by Lev from Valio and entertaining insights by Tuomas from Spondeo/Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce.
Also, thanks for BF for an update on internationalization funding changes.

We are looking forward to drive Finnish companies to Polish opportunities in #cleantech #fintech #healthcare #ict #smartindustries

Photo by @finembwarsaw
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Posted 03.04.19 by Hivemind Team

🇵🇱🇫🇮Everybody knows that cultural aspects are important part of Polish Finnish business.
What kind of people Finns and Poles are and what they think about each other?
Take a look at film released yesterday by Polish Embassy Helsinki.
#business2business #human2human
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Posted 01.04.19 by Hivemind Team

Busy week ahead! Here is our time schedule

🛥🛥🛥Tomorrow we are at Meriverkostot event in Naantali - networking event for marine industry also participated by our member organization YardMate

🎯🎯🎯During Wednesday you can find us in Werstas Electrocity where we help our customers to leave Innovation Voucher and Explorer applications #innovaatioseteli

🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱Thursday is Polish themed day in Helsinki.
First we are on seminar "Business Opportunities in Poland" organized by Business Finland. If you still want to join please drop an email to
Next, we pop in to Kevätmessut to meet Polish exhibitor - Northstar Sp. z o.o.
Finally, we will land in Keilaniemi for a meeting to discuss Polish- Finnish innovation consortium project.

📈📈📈On Friday you can meet us in Werstas and we still have some free slots to discuss your Polish projects and its funding! Contact us at or +358 400503966

.. and during weekend we are heading to south where we will stay almost whole next week. But that is an another story..
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Posted 29.03.19 by Hivemind Team

Today's plan was to participate Business Night in Rauma where we wanted to spread more news about possibility to work with us on Polish markets and partners using Business Finland and ELY-keskus funded programs.

Unfortunately, our participation has been revised by ..spring flu.

So all Rauman Yrittäjät ry and Turun Yrittäjät ry.!

If you are interested in Polish market for your product #marketresearch, looking for partner in Poland #partnersearch or simply interested in Polish opportunities let us know! The work to be done can be funded up to 100% in frame of Innovation Voucher #innovaatioseteli , Explorer #explorer instrument or ELY kehittamisavustus program.

So we are not coming today but how you can find us?
1. Contact or +358400503966.
2. You can also find us in Werstas Electrocity in Turku ..
3. or come to free workshop we held every second Friday- Looking for opportunities to grow? Did you consider Poland?

See you around when flu is over!
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Posted 21.03.19 by Hivemind Team

Today we officially received Scandinavian Polish Chamber of Commerce member certificate, joined member's annual meeting and took part in SPCC business mixer. Happy 15th anniversary Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce #internationalgrowth #spcc15 ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 08.03.19 by Hivemind Team

Starting the day with festive breakfast at BNI Turku - Åbo B2B meeting. Happy Women's Day! ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 07.03.19 by Hivemind Team

Polish and Finnish prime ministers met yesterday in Warsaw to discuss EU agenda and 2021-27 plans. Good news for billateral collaboration! ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 07.03.19 by Hivemind Team

We are participating digital marketing training today by #pialemmetty to get more insights on newest trends in SOME marketing. Looking for promotion and leads in Poland or Finland? Contact us!
#mamwork_finland #pinkkitorstai
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Posted 07.03.19 by Hivemind Team

Early morning at YardMate with our presentation on Polish maritime opportunities ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 06.03.19 by Hivemind Team

Interested in opportunities in Polish marine industry?

We will present some opportunities tomorrow in our speach "Polish market opportunities in marine sector and beyond" during YardMate consortium meeting. These include e.g. activities in Port Gdynia development of infrastructure and port reception facilities and Port of Gdańsk Deepwater Container Terminal.
Join YardMate and hear more!

In the meanwhile Transport Week 2019 conference in Gdansk have started today gathering around 200 participants including port and terminal authorities, rail and logistic operators, forwarders, shipping lines representatives, consulting companies, government officials, policymakers, and companies such as Wärtsilä Corporation or Kalmar Global. Picture (done today!) thanks to courtesy of and full report from conference can be found here:…
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Posted 20.02.19 by Hivemind Team

Early morning at B2B networking event BNI Silesia Katowice #finnishmarkets #lookingforHRpartner ... See MoreSee Less