Partner search and acquisition

Partner search & acquisition- we help you to find your match

We answer over 10 partner search inquiries per week in regular basis. Our goal is to provide you the best results.

Our partner search is also well available for limited budget customers, such as start-ups or individuals setting up own business – we equip you with local contacts and information and you can execute rest of the project with your own efforts. The same time we can also provide end-to-end service option for customers who prefer us to take overall responsibility for project execution.

Stage 1: Partner search list

You provide us an information what profile of company you are looking for and we create a short list of best potential candidates with short SWOT analysis for potential cooperation. When creating the list we use our industry contacts and utilize our knowledge on doing business in both Poland and Finland. Equipped with this information you are prepared well to can contact companies directly and discuss cooperation details. We comply with GDPR laws.

List price depends on profile parameters and list size with starting price of 300 EUR (VAT 0%).

Stage 2: Partner acquisition

Partner acquisition service is an assistance service and includes:

  • contacting selected candidates in native language either via phone or directly to present the offer,
  • assisting your company in negotiations with partners,
  • providing materials and translations,
  • other services as agreed.

We serve projects of all sizes and we do not charge for time spent on internal project meetings