Partnering in market research – SGH project wrap-up

Our typical Polish-Finnish market research projects are usually very commercial – this time it was all about research..

Last year we have participated project “Entrepreneurial marketing and accelerated internationalization of new ventures” – first time in Research Partner role!
Project is soon to be completed and as we wait for results to be published, its time for short summary.
The project was executed at the oldest and the most known Polish schools- SGH- Warsaw School of Economics. In frame of the project we have explored entrepreneurial marketing concepts and its impacts on international entrepreneurship.
This empirical research was conducted in 2017-2018 with focus on companies from three European countries, among others- Poland and Finland.

Thanks to  the project we had a chance to discuss the marketing and its role in internationalization with people behind the most interesting companies.

This was an eye-opening  experience  when it comes to the role of marketing in being successful when you leading a growing SME. It also gave us lot of insights on marketing impact  on Polish and Finnish  SME growth

Project will be summarized soon, so we are looking forward to see the outcome! . More about the project at page below.
Stay tuned!