Strategic advisory

Starting new business ? Planning new service or product?

Need to redefine your business to grow in digital era or need a help with processes and tools?

Looking for innovative ways to renew your business? Need a funding roadmap?

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We help in preparing and managing research, development and innovation projects.

We deliver senior level experience on pricing suitable even for smallest customers. Our success rate in 2019 was 100% with 12 projects funded

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Need market research, go-to-market strategy, funding plan or need hand-on in searching new partners or customers abroad?

With over 400 projects done we specialize in Polish-Finnish cooperation but we also cover almost all EU countries, USA and Africa.

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who we are

Hivemind was founded in 2012 with mission to make international growth easier for small companies. Hivemind’s founder Aleksandra Karimaa is technologies enthusiast with professional education connecting business with tech, and experience of working in large consulting houses, SMEs, corporations, and technology research centre. This unique capabilities of connecting innovation, realistic approach to business and technology fluency is today an essence of Hivemind expertise. 

By 2015 Hivemind was organizing over 70 events per year and entered the field of business development advisory. Since that time we helped over 600 customers supporting their innovation, internationalization and business development projects. In 2016 we started to work together with Spinverse to support our customers in creating large EU-funded projects and Messukeskus Helsinki to support international trade in Finland. In 2019 Hivemind was amongst first Finnish companies graduating from AI (Artificial Intelligence) Business Academy, becoming one of the first AI-aware consulting agency. In 2020 Hivemind changed their status to Hivemind Oy (Ltd).

What Hivemind stands for? Hivemind is a way bees are working together creating things not possible to achieve when working alone. We believe in ecosystems, collaboration, networking and working together.

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Few examples of our projects

hands-on funding, product development and business optimization 

We have helped a small Finnish printing house to secure funding for development of new long waited product. After knowing better their plans we were also able to create funding roadmap – list of funding available to support specific works they planned. We also supplied them with descriptive application templates for their next step.

The same time we optimized their business sourcing some materials on better prices, getting new subcontractors and contacts for better logistics deals and advising on how to use some digital tools to help in making operations more efficient.

That’s not all! We were able to identify unique innovation in the project, we prepared the application and in the result the project was fully funded by Business Finland – this one month long advisory process was 100% free for the customer!

growth strategy & company financing, product concept support, internationalization plan and ITs funding

We helped Finnish start-up to build innovation-based growth strategy, which secured company financing for product concept piloting. We helped them with funding application, drafting product concept and goto market plan.

When positive funding decision came we also helped them to pilot their digital product concept in Poland, and Finland, collected customer feedback and helped with product specs.

Later, we also found them best strategic partners to support their foreign expansion in selected countries and also helped them with app developers when own app development ran short.

Currently company is having stable 20% growth so solid preparation was definitely helpful.

We took care of cofounding own works and customer paid about 15% of project budget

INTERNATIONALIZATION  training for national startup competition

We have provided five days training for group of 40 of start-ups selected in national start-up competition.

Training included a seminar with basic guidance on internationalization strategy, brand localization, market analysis and localizing of offering. Training also included small group workshops as well as one-to-one advisory sessions.

Next session of the same competition is now scheduled so summer 2020 and we are happy to announce we have been selected to lead it again!

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