Internationalization and market entry services in Finland

HOW we can help you

Our area of operation is widespread. We have experience covering all of the EU countries and even the USA. However, we specialize in the Nordic and the Baltic countries and market area information. This covers e.g. Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We have excellent networks also in Poland.

In all, we have expanded into a network of native speakers of Finnish, Swedish, Lithuanian, Polish and French. Our local knowledge and language skills provide you with not only market area information and analysis but also responses and negotiations!

Internationalization and market entry services tailored to your needs

  • Our internationalization and market entry services cover market information gathering, market surveys, market analyzes, concept design and light legal checks.
  • We include interviews with potential customers or industry experts and execute the services within 1 to 4 weeks.
  • We can also e.g. coordinate an international trade fair appearance for you.

our offer


When: You want to find next market your product or quickly check if market or business opportunity could be interesting. When you need more data to make decision to invest in internationalization.

Why: While this information can be also received as interesting feedback on trade show you visited, as market insights from foreign partner, this rarely is the data that is objective enough to decide if you should invest into your internationalization project 

What we can do for you: Based on you product and business characteristics, we create fast estimation of possible opportunity and provide fast SWOT analysis summarizing relevant local trends, opportunities, but also risks and challenges. We verify our data with selected industry expert before we send it to you

Typical price: 300-500€ (VAT 0%)

Market research

When: You want to understand the opportunity and you need more data to plan how to make it happen. 

Why: While planning actions without data and understanding is possible it is also proved to be best way to..not get expected results and burn internationalization or investment budget. 

What we can do for you: Well, we provide you information that helps you to understand the opportunity and we provide you data you need to plan how to capture it. Typical market research contain desktop research and interviews phase to verify and discuss our finding with experts, possible buyers or potential partners. It is worth to underline that by default the interviews are anonymized – the goal is to understand the opportunity and have most objective discussions. Typical project includes research on topics , such as: local alternatives for your (potential) customers, type of competition you can face, analysis of relevant competitors and their offering. Finally, at this stage we can more accurately estimate size and characteristics of accessible opportunity. 

Typical price: 700-4500€ (VAT 0%)

Entry strategy

When: You have relevant data and you need help in drafting action plan or better understand its alternatives

Why:  Even if your entry strategy is clear, there details of practical ways of implementing it might be still too vague. It might be worth to discuss your plan and possible options with educated expert familiar with your case… before you make your action plan a reality.

What we can do for you: We can help you to draft a plan that works the best for your business and product and local opportunity. If we cannot help you in further steps we can find you best local help for given task- at this stage we usually understand very well what you are looking for.

Typical price: 100€/h (VAT 0%), advisory service


When: You need help with implementing your actions on local markets

Why:  Sometimes its easier if locals do it.

What we can do for you: We have help companies to implement selected actions. We specialize in Nordic and Baltic, but have wide network of tested freelancers to cover other EU destinations. Example of works we did so far include local marketing and promotion (digital and trade fair assistance), connecting companies with possible customers, partners or potential sales persons, local representation services (foreign office point, arranging meetings) and others

Typical price: as agreed

Examples of our internationalization customer cases

Chemical: industry research on use of phosphates

While environmental challenges around mining and use of phosphates gives it a bad reputation, the unique properties of phosphates makes it very attractive for multiple application. The aim of the study was to understand in which applications and how phosphates can be used safely, learn about user motivation to use this compounds and analyse long term trends related to its usage, including possible barriers, supply-demand dynamics and other factors. We have researched applications across different industries, including pulp and paper, cleaning , construction , chemical, metal, water treatment, pharma and electronics.

Project was implemented as a desk research complemented with discussions with users, applications chemical experts and R&D managers across all EU regions

Construction: analysis of Green Deal impact on industry

European Green Deal will inevitably change construction industry by introducing new environmental requirements, boosting renovation sector and improving social impact of industry. However, the (expected) impact will be different for different EU regions and different industry players. The goal of our research was to find out possible consequences of Green Deal for regions and understand the impact to EU industry, both region-wise as well as for EU industry as a whole with special attention to insulation industry.

Project was implemented as EC materials research, discussion with EC and regulations experts, as well as opinion survey across various industry producers.

Packaging industry: value chain and materials in medical packaging

The goal of this project was to analyse value chain in medical packaging industry and study material alternatives available in the industry. We have researched materials and their properties, studied their usage and analysed recent (pandemics related) changes.

Project was implemented as technical research, desk research analysis of the industry, application and trends changes, followed by extensive phase of expert discussion across whole EU area.